Amplicon Sequencing Toolkit

The MalariaGEN Amplicon Toolkit provides end-to-end toolkit from sample to genetic report card and geotemporal visualisation. 

We are working with partners directly at sentinel sites in The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, Vietnam and Indonesia to implement the toolkit.

We are making the laboratory protocols available publically in case they are useful for other groups.

At the sample preparation stage the protocols differ by species until the DNA has been isolated and amplified, then the protocols for each species are the same. We are providing an end-to-end protocol for p. falciparum, p. vivax, and mosquitos separately so that it is easier to follow. Each protocol includes the reagent and equipment list for that protocol however if you require the full list for the end-to-end process, or if you have any questions, please contact Shavanthi Rajatileka at sr28 [at]

P. falciparum laboratory protocols