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Parasite and mosquito genome variation

The parasite and mosquito Genomic Surveillance Programme provides timely, accessible genomic data on genetic variations associated with drug and insecticide resistance. This high quality, curated genomic resource of malaria populations has been built thanks to partners, around the world, contributing Plasmodium falciparum, P. vivax and Anopheles samples.

Contributing partners receive genetic information from MalariaGEN that is well curated and we release data on a regular basis, providing the broadest possible benefit to the malaria community.

  • Curated whole genome data

Whole genome seqeuncing data curation balances the need for timely release of data to partners and the community and ensuring that the data is high-quality analysis-ready and can provide robust, unambiguous and definitive answers to important scientific and operational questions. 

  • Genetic Report Card

For Parasites, amplicon sequencing data is used to generate Genetic Report Cards that provide a drug resistance profile for each sample submitted. This data is designed to be integrated with other metadata that partners have.

  • Data Release

Raw data generated by either the whole genome sequencing or amplicon sequencing is submitted to the ENA as soon as it is processed and is publically available. Typically 6 months after data is returned to partners, the same data is released publicly.


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