Data Exploration and Analysis Tools

Integrating data across labs and field study amplifies what can be achieved with the data at a regional, national and international level with respect to global surveillance. We are addressing these challenges by building informatics systems and web-based tools that enable clinicians and scientists around the world to analyse and share data generated through large-scale collaborations. This work has led to the development of a number of tools, and each new tool builds on the knowledge and experience from the ones before.

Epidemiology Ready Data Applications - To support and accelerate the use of genomic surveillance data by malaria control programs and policymakers, recently we have focused on the development of widely accessible data-driven applications.

Analysis Ready Data Applications - We have developed an open access software framework called Panoptes that can create interactive applications for exploring genetic and genomic data. 

Early Analysis Ready Data Applications - We developed three early data applications for sharing MalariaGEN project findings on a common framework and further systems that are no longer supported.

Accessible code -